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    NOTE :

    These are two different products: USB electric scarf, USB electric shawl. They are all winter warmth physiotherapy supplies.

    Please confirm the products you need before buying, thank you.

    USB electric scarf :

    Material: water velvet

    Product size: 145CM*22CM

    1. Heating materials: imported carbon fiber, for human health care

    2.USB power supply, 5V voltage, no security risks, this winter is no longer cold!

    3. Extra long bib, just plug it in gently to keep warm

    4. The fabric is soft and comfortable, and the insulation effect is good.

    Product parameters: Input voltage: USB/5V; working current; rated power: 4W; temperature: 42 ° C ~ 50 ° C;

    * Product function: This product uses nano carbon fiber material as the heating element, using electric energy to generate far infrared heating.

    The product is easy to use, safe and environmentally friendly, and has rapid heating, multiple uses, no dryness and long life. It is an indispensable heating therapy for you when you are driving and getting sick in winter.

    USB electric shawl:

    Product parameters: Input voltage: USB/5V; working current; rated power: 4W; Temperature: 40 ° C ~ 50 ° C Product size: 45CM * 80CM

    Voltage: 5V

    Power: 4W

    Temperature: 36-42 degrees

    Conditions of use: indoor

    Function: There are far infrared function, heat preservation and physiotherapy. No electromagnetic radiation

    1 USB heating shawl is made of ultra-thick high-grade plush fabric. The product is divided into inner heating sleeve and outer jacket. The jacket is invisible and zippered.

    When pulled open, the heat inner sleeve can be taken out for washing.

    2 Safety, environmental protection: USB heating shawl voltage is small, low power consumption, DC5V, 4W is required. Voltage less than 36V is a safe voltage, there is no danger of electric shock

    3 Practical and convenient: It can be used to cover the knees, wrap the waist, draped over the shoulders, cushions, hot compresses, etc. to warm.

    Rising temperature Fast: The power is instantaneously heated, reaching the rated temperature in 3-6 minutes.

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